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A Call to Worship for Pentecost Sunday

Great Physician and Healer of the Nations,

You who taught the lame to dance with joy, the mute to sing songs of peace,
and showed the blind rainbows of love and promise:

We suffer, great God, with dis-ease in the Body of Christ.

Heal us:
that the cancer of our internal divisions and jealousies may be cured.

Touch us:
that the blindness of our indifference to society's ills may be vision in ministry.

Anoint us:
that our deaf ears this glad morning
may hear the invitation of your good news to all people
and upon hearing become disciples of Jesus Christ,
followers led by the light of the Holy Spirit
which you send to us this Pentecost Sunday,

Amen and Amen.

TheRev. Nathan Decker is the pastor of the Cheriton Charge on the Eastern Shore District and a clergy member of the Virginia Annual Conference. His great love is the diversity and inspiration of God's creative nature in worship.

"A Call to Worship for Pentecost Sunday" Copyright 2008 Rev. Nathan Decker. All Rights Reserved. Posted with Permission on the Discipleship Ministries website.

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