A 21st Century Worship Resource for the Sixth Sunday after the Epiphany, Year A

Gather Around the Light
by Safiyah Fosua

Gather Around the Light —A Call to Worship
Based on Matthew 5:21-37

Leader: Gather around the Light

People: For it is dark outside and we cannot see our way without

Leader: Gather around the Light to sit at the feet of the Teacher

People: Who comes to us with pleasant words as smooth as silk and difficult words that catch in our throats.

Leader: We gather around the Light to see where we are going and to see who we are.

All: Thank you, God for the Light that shines in the dim places of our hearts.


Shine Your Searchlight -- A Prayer of Supplication
Based on Matthew 5:21-37

Shine your searchlight, O God.,
Shine it into our hearts until we see what lies within.
And, when we see,
Help us not to shrink away from you in horror
Of what we are capable of doing,
Let us instead
Run to you and fall at your forgiving feet
Thankful that we saw these things
Before they revealed themselves in public.

Shine your searchlight, O God
Into the deep recesses of our hearts
And heal us. Amen.

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