5 New Ideas (July 2017)

JULY 2017

Every month we send you just 5 ways you can better equip Vital Congregations and make disciples of Jesus Christ.


Principles for seeing all the people around you. Learn about the timeless and timely principles of 20th-century Methodist Christian missionary and theologian E. Stanley Jones for reaching out and seeing all the people who live in your ministry area. Read A Missionary Mindset: What Church Leaders Need to Know to Reach Their Community –Lessons from E. Stanley Jones, by Doug Ruffle at New Church Starts (Path 1). The book is a publication of Disciples Resources and is available online at

Strengthening intentional discipleship systems with laity. Conference and district lay leaders can help intentional discipleship systems grow stronger by sharing ministry with lay leadership throughout their conferences and in local congregations. The 2017 Discipleship Ministries webinar training resource for conference and district lay leaders discusses how to develop and strengthen the ministry of the laity through partnerships with bishops, district superintendents, and local church leaders. To register for the recorded online webinar, go to

Helping children in your church experience God. Instead of just learning about God, children can experience God when church leaders use the tools and ideas in Dr. Leanne Hadley’s book, Blessed to be a Blessing: Sacred Circle Time for Young Children. Many of the ideas are for resources that congregations already have on hand. Children experience God through ritual, wonder, story, prayer and blessing. To order the book from Discipleship Resources, go to

Understanding God’s direction for your life. Your congregation or small group can use a new six-session study by Rob Fuquay, Which Way, Lord?, to discover how you are created for purpose and equipped to live a life of significance. The study will help you discern God’s leading, deal with detours, endure hardships and doubts, and persevere with hope and faith. It is perfect for back to school, the beginning of a new year or anytime you need a fresh start. To order, go to

Encourage covenant discipleship among youth. Discover how the concept of covenant discipleship and Methodism’s historical use of intentionally smaller groups can make world-transforming disciples. The book, Everyday Discipleship: Covenant Discipleship with Youth, provides a framework for leaders to build intentional, supportive groups of young people seeking to better themselves and the world. Order the book at Online supplements and supports are available at

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