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21st Century Worship Resources for the Sixteenth Sunday After Pentecost

Pastoral Prayer
(Based on Luke 14:25-33)

by Kwasi Kena

Lord of the cross, you call us to follow you. We mouth a yes and nod an okay, but do we know what you've asked us to do?
We're to love you more than others? Some say that cross is too heavy. Still, you compel us to follow, knowing that this cross is too heavy for us to carry alone.
You say, count the cost and consider what discipleship is. Sometimes we squirm and say the cost is too great and the sacrifices too numerous.
Still, you compel us to follow. The cross you ask us to carry is not nearly as heavy as the cross you carried for us.
Nevertheless, we complain—and you listen. We search for an easier alternative—and you watch us.
God, help us to admit when we get frustrated by the enormity of discipleship. Extend grace and mercy toward us.
Wrap us inside of your unconditional love. And patiently compel us to follow you again. Amen.

(From the Africana Worship Book for Year C)

Prayer of Confession
(Based on Luke 14:27)

by Safiyah Fosua

it is so hard to carry a rugged cross
when everything around us
is designed to make our lives more comfortable.

Carrying this cross requires that we
speak up
when it would be easier to remain silent,
stand up
when it would be safer to sit down,
reach out to others
on days that we would prefer the luxury
of keeping our hands to ourselves.

Teach us the blessedness
of what often seems like a burden
and fit us for the life of discipleship, we pray. Amen.

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