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21st Century Worship Resources for the Fourth Sunday after Pentecost, Year C

Gathering Meditation: The Fragrance of Worship
(Based on Luke 7:36-8:3)

Lord, you welcomed me when others turned away. You allowed me to touch you, with all my imperfections.
You defended me when others tried to dismiss me. You welcomed me, and I'm so thankful.

How could I respond to such love?

I offered you the best that I had. I broke open that expensive jar that I adored.
Then, I poured its fragrance all over your tired feet. I swept the dust of the world from your skin with my hair.
I poured and wiped; poured and wiped until the fragrance and my worship filled the air.

Today, as we think of God's love toward us, may the air fill with the sweet fragrance of worship.

Prayer Litany
(Based on Psalm 5:1-8)

One Voice: Lord, listen to our words.
Many Voices: Listen to our sighs.

One Voice: Listen to the sound of our aches and our cries.
Many Voices: Hear our prayers.

One Voice: We lift up our voices to you alone this morning.
Many Voices: You alone can hear and answer us.

One Voice: Evil cannot stand in your presence.
Many Voices: Bring wickedness to its knees.

Many Voices: Foil every deceitful plan against us.

One Voice: Save us from the snare of evil.
Many Voices: Save us from evil's plot today.

One Voice: Draw us near by your steadfast love.
Many Voices: Draw us near, and we will enter your house.

One Voice: Draw us near, and we will bow in awe of you.
Many Voices: Draw us deeper into your righteousness.