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21st Century Worship Resources for Pentecost 25B

Call to Worship
(Inspired by Psalm 16)

God, you are our protection
God, you are our refuge
You are our God; we have no good apart from you!

God, you are both cup and portion.
You have given us a good heritage.
We come to worship the God who shows us the path of life!

(Inspired by 1 Samuel 1:4-20)

Our souls are poured out before you, O God, as we look for more in life
than contentment with family, friends, and possessions.
We thank you, dear Lord, for all of your blessings.
Yet, in our souls, we long to be a blessing to others on your behalf.

As Abraham was a blessing to many nations,
As Hannah longed for something in her life
to offer back to God,
We long to make a difference in this world for you.

Open our eyes, good Lord,
to whatever you have already entrusted
for the good of your people.

Open our ears, Lord,
to intersections
between human need and heart's desire.

Open our hearts, Lord,
to recognize and nurture new gifts,
to consider unique possibilities,
dawning on the horizon.

Our souls are poured out before you, O God.
Let your servants find favor in your sight. Amen.

Safiyah Fosua is Assistant Professor of Congregational Worship at Wesley Seminary at Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, Indiana. Dr. Fosua is a former staff member of Discipleship Ministries.

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