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21st Century Liturgy for Reformation Sunday

Lord, you have heard the people's cries.
Cries for bread, cries for shelter, cries for healing, cries for jobs.

You see the mothers who break down while standing in line at the food pantry,
over the loss of their dignity
You wipe tears from starving babies' eyes.
You hear the anguished prayers of the unemployed father in a sleepless rant.

In times like these you have always raised up prophets.
Moses, in the desert for the captive children.

John Huss, burning at the stake for a sharing in the cup of grace.

Jeremiah in the midst of Jerusalem's fall.

Martin Luther, when the Word of God was chained.

Amos, crying out against the rich on behalf of the poor.

John Wesley, bringing God's light to the coal miners' social darkness.

Joel, promising God's gift of visions and dreams.

Martin Luther King Jr., dreaming dreams.

In times like these you have always raised up prophets.

Lord do it again. Lord do it again.

Hear our cry, our hunger, our desire for life.

Hear us, O God, send your Word.
Let the voice of God once more be heard in the land.

The Rev. Nathan Decker is the pastor of the South Sussex Charge of the Petersburg District and a clergy member of the Virginia Annual Conference. His great love is the diversity and inspiration of God's creative nature in worship.

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