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2019 Christian Education Week

We live in an increasingly digital age. Computers and networks bring us many blessings, but they may impact us negatively. Finding the proper balance between our digital and analog existence is difficult, especially as new digital technologies emerge at a rapid pace. How much time online is too much? Can the church become a leader in blending the digital with the physical to advance the mission of God and to foster the well-being of its people?

This resource is designed to help you plan your Christian Education Week/Sunday celebration. Check with your annual conference to determine if a date has been set for this occasion and an offering was received to support educational ministries in your conference. This celebration can be combined with the launch of new opportunities for learning, service, and fellowship. It is a great time to emphasize and celebrate your congregation’s settings for discipleship. You’re invited to make this celebration a joyful recognition of God’s love and Jesus’ call to tell your neighbors and friends how they can participate in the kingdom of God drawing near.

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