2018 Christian Home Month Planning Resources for Congregations and Conferences

2018 Christian Home Month

The Christian Home Month resource is for family ministry leaders, ministry teams, and council chairpersons/coordinators in local congregations. It is designed to help local congregations develop and strengthen faith in the home and observe Christian Home Month. Although Christian Home Month is typically celebrated during the month of May, congregations may choose any month of the year to focus on the Christian home and its key role as a center for faith formation.

Our theme for 2018 is: “Families Called to Peace.” It seems that peace is on the minds of many these days. As I write this, our nation has once again suffered through a horrendous school shooting. We continue to be a nation at war. And we continue to be a nation of not just violent acts, but violent language, images, and culture. Although we may cry, “peace, peace,” sometimes there is little in our lives that reflects peace. And the absence of conflict doesn’t necessarily mean there is peace. Peace is not the opposite of war. Just because there may be no fighting in the home doesn’t mean the household is peaceful. How do we achieve this thing called peace? How do we maintain a Christlike focus when we feel besieged by a violent world and our own violent impulses?

Take a moment and read Psalm 85. Reflect on verse 10: “love and faithfulness will meet; righteousness and peace will kiss each other. (NRSV). What comes to mind as you read these words? What would peace be like for your family? For your congregation? For the world? Record your thoughts—in word, in pictures, in sounds. Pray for God’s peace to be our reality.

This downloadable PDF includes worship service resources, a retreat plan, and devotional activities for families as they foster a climate of peace in their homes. We trust you will find something in this resource that will inspire, encourage, and affirm you as you continue in the important work of family ministries.

DOWNLOAD the 2018 Christian Home Month planning resource [PDF]

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