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2017 Older Adult Recognition Day Resources

Following in the Footsteps of the Faithful

As children, we loved trying on our parents’ clothes because we admired our parents and loved them so much that we wanted to be just like them. We wanted to try out new identities. We wore their shoes, hats, dresses, or ties, simply to be more like the grownups.

As we grew and developed our own identities, the memories and impressions of our parents and other adult companions remained with us. They influenced our values, beliefs, and choices in life. We also inherited the communities, lifestyles, and institutions they built.

The footsteps and paths that older adults have left for us have encouraged us to continue on our way and to blaze new trails for the future.

Our elder mentors and models have conquered many mountains and traversed many dark valleys to reach the levels of faithfulness they possess. Older Adult Recognition Day recognizes these elders for their faith journeys and for their willingness to share their experiences and growth with those of us who are not as experienced . We welcome the opportunity to walk in their shoes.

(Older Adult Recognition Day may be observed annually, preferably during the month of May. The day is to recognize and celebrate the gifts, talents, and contributions older adults make within and beyond the local church. The day should also provide congregations with the opportunity to learn more about the issues and concerns related to aging and older adulthood.)

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