2017 AACLL/ACDLSM Convocation Files

These resources come from the 2017 AACLL/ACDLSM event. The theme was "Therefore Go! With Hope through Hospitality." If you have questions about these resources, please contact Linda VanKeuren.


DOWNLOAD Radical Hospitality — Practicing Hope [.pptx]

DOWNLOAD Radical Sending — The Base Camp, God's Good News, & Being Sent  [.pptx]

DOWNLOAD Extended Cabinet Summit Highlights [.pptx]

DOWNLOAD Commission on A Way Forward presentation [.pptx]

DOWNLOAD ACDLSM 2017 Education Committee Report [.pptx]

DOWNLOAD Lay Servant Ministries/Certified Lay Ministries — What's New After GC 2016 [.pptx]

DOWNLOAD Leading Missional Small Groups [.pptx]

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