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2016 Older Adult Recognition Day Resources

An Older Adult Recognition Day may be observed annually, preferably during the month of May. The day is to recognize and celebrate the gifts, talents, and contributions older adults make within and beyond the local church. The day should also provide congregation with the opportunity to learn more about the issues and concerns related to aging and older adulthood.

This year's theme for Older Adult Recognition Day is "Evergreen — Counting the Rings of Faithfulness." Evergreen trees bring to mind those older adults who have thrived in adverse conditions. The vibrancy of older adults’ faith suggests that older adults have lessons to teach us all. Like the evergreens’ unique beauty, the faith of older adults testifies to God’s ability to unlock inner beauty and true spiritual nature.

The Committee on Older Adult Ministries compiled this resource to assist church leaders in planning worship services and other observances of this special day. The document includes sermon starters, music suggestions, prayers, resource lists, and suggestions for engaging with the older adults in the community.

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