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2013 Advent Wreath Meditations: Second Sunday of Advent (McIntyre)


Second Sunday of Advent: December 8, 2013

(Light the first candle.)

We light the first candle, reminding us of God’s promise of peace on earth.

Psalm 72:1-7 (NRSV)

  1. Give the king your justice, O God, and your righteousness to a king’s son.
  2. May he judge your people with righteousness, and your poor with justice.
  3. May the mountains yield prosperity for the people, and the hills, in righteousness.
  4. May he defend the cause of the poor of the people, give deliverance to the needy, and crush the oppressor.
  5. May he live while the sun endures, and as long as the moon, throughout all generations.
  6. May he be like rain that falls on the mown grass, like showers that water the earth.
  7. In his days may righteousness flourish and peace abound, until the moon is no more.

O God, we remember that you sent Jesus to the whole world, and especially to the poor and those in need.

We remember that Jesus healed the sick, comforted those who mourn, and went out of his way to love even little children.

(Light the second candle.)

Lord, may the light of this second candle, as it dispels the darkness around it, help to remind us that we are to dispel the darkness of sickness, poverty, injustice, and suffering all around us.

Song: "It Came Upon the Midnight Clear," stanza 3 (United Methodist Hymnal, 218)

And ye, beneath life’s crushing load, whose forms are bending low,
Who toil along the climbing way with painful steps and slow,
Look now! For glad and golden hours come swiftly on the wing.
O rest beside the weary road, and hear the angels sing.

(All): Come, Lord Jesus, come. Amen.

This meditation is Copyright © 2013 by the Discipleship Ministries, and it is used with permission of The United Methodist Discipleship Ministries, P. O. Box 340003, Nashville TN 37203; telephone (615) 340-7070. Scripture verses are from the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible, © 1989 by the Division of Christian Education of the National Council of Churches of Christ in the USA and are used by permission.


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