New Church Starts

Veteran Planter Gathering

Church planting can be an isolating ministry. It can be hard to find the time to get away and forge meaningful relationships with others who have walked down a similar path.

Path 1 is sponsoring the first ever Veteran Planter Gathering where 20 of the most effective church planters will gather in Chicago from August 27-30 to share stories from the trenches, talk about the future of our church plants, and enjoy some Sabbath time away.

There will be a video booth to produce training videos to be used by anyone who wants feedback on best practices from planters who have been in their context for five years or more and created a sustainable ministry. We will also record podcasts to both train and encourage those who are trying to start new innovative ministries in their own communities.

For more information, or to submit a question that you would like our veteran planters to answer- please contact Rachel Gilmore at [email protected].