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Equipping e-newsletter
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From the series Path 1 Best Practices
Path1 Equipping Extravaganza e-newsletter from December 2010


Equip your Team e-newsletter
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From the series Path 1 Best Practices
March 2011 Path1 e-newsletter about Equipping teams and leaders        


From Detours to Destinations: Worship, Music and Preaching 2009
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Event flyer


Outlying Churches
By John Southwick
From the series Background Data for Mission
Depending how one measures decline, up to two thirds of US United Methodist Churches are doing so. Statistically, some churches fall far outside the norm, fitting the parameters of a statistical term known as “outliers.” In order to encourage other churches to do better, COR, as Church of the Resurrection is called, holds a leadership conference each Fall to share their story. Many churches are inspired and experience new vitality as a result, yet few approach outlier status. Perhaps studying how other types of outliers achieve that status will bring understanding on how new church starts and existing churches can avoid stagnancy and decline.

Healthy Ecosystems, Coaching fifth
By Jim Griffith
From the series Conversations with Jim
The fifth step in developing a healthy ecosystem is to find the right coach.