PDF November 27, 2018

TeamWorks Assessment Tree

The TeamWorks Assessment Tree is the answer sheet for the TeamWorks Church Assessment which found in TeamWorks: Futurecasting. The assessment allows church leaders to  […]

PDF August 10, 2016

Spiritual Life Template

We are spiritual beings. God has created us to express our souls in a variety of ways. Using the Spiritual Life Template   […]

PDF August 10, 2016

Settings for Ministry

Churches can not manufacture growth, growth results when the Christian community is living in such a way that it is a witness to the  […]

PDF August 10, 2016

Lifecycle of the Church

The Lifecycle of the Church is a tool that has been used for many years in the field of congregational development as a way  […]

PDF August 9, 2016

Values, Assets, Process → Initiate, Test (VAP→IT)

Complete instructions on how to use the powerful VAP-IT Tool to launch new ideas and recreate existing ministries are found in   […]