Book August 12, 2016

TeamWorks: Spiritual Life of the Leaders

TeamWorks: Spiritual Life of the Leaders introduces church leaders to two powerful tools for leadership development. Encourage spiritual growth with the   […]

Book August 11, 2016

TeamWorks: Creating a Discipleship System

TeamWorks: Creating a Discipleship System guides church leaders to discover where their church fits on the Lifecycle of the Church.  […]

Book August 10, 2016

TeamWorks: Connecting With Your Community

TeamWorks: Connecting with Your Community introduces church leaders to learn how new arrivals in your community seek Homeland. Use the NICHE process  […]

Book August 9, 2016

TeamWorks: Futurecasting

TeamWorks: Futurecasting provides church leaders with powerful planning tools to move their church into the future. Learn how to use the powerful VAP-IT  […]