Book November 29, 2018


The TeamWorks guidebooks are designed to foster a conversation with your leaders by introducing a series of tools they can use to   […]

Presentation November 29, 2018

Seminar Presentations

Once you have your TeamWorks guidebooks, watch and download the presentation slides for your seminars.  

PDF November 29, 2018


Download TeamWorks tools for use with your team and other people in your church. 

PDF November 27, 2018

TeamWorks Assessment Tree

The TeamWorks Assessment Tree is the answer sheet for the TeamWorks Church Assessment which found in TeamWorks: Futurecasting. The assessment allows church leaders to  […]

Article August 15, 2016

About TeamWorks

TeamWorks is a set of guidebooks designed to be used with a leadership team made up of the pastor, key staff, and laity in  […]

Book August 12, 2016

TeamWorks: Spiritual Life of the Leaders

TeamWorks: Spiritual Life of the Leaders introduces church leaders to two powerful tools for leadership development. Encourage spiritual growth with the   […]

Book August 11, 2016

TeamWorks: Creating a Discipleship System

TeamWorks: Creating a Discipleship System guides church leaders to discover where their church fits on the Lifecycle of the Church.  […]

Book August 10, 2016

TeamWorks: Connecting With Your Community

TeamWorks: Connecting with Your Community introduces church leaders to learn how new arrivals in your community seek Homeland. Use the NICHE process  […]

Presentation August 10, 2016

Spiritual Life Seminar 1 — Spiritual Life Template

Once you have your TeamWorks guidebooks, download the presentation slides for your seminars. The following resources are for the second seminar related  […]