Holy Week 2017: Through Death to Life


Article April 9, 2017

Holy Week 2017 — Through Death to Life Series Overview

Holy Week is the heart of the church’s ritual, theological, and missional life. Everything we do in worship, doctrine, and mission is  […]

Article April 9, 2017

Passion/Palm Sunday

Palm/Passion Sunday recapitulates the beginning and the end of Christ’s final week in Jerusalem. We move from a triumphal procession and  […]

Article April 9, 2017

Holy Thursday/Maundy Thursday

Holy Thursday, or Maundy Thursday, marks the last conversation Jesus has with his disciples, a conversation grounded in what he calls a new commandment   […]

Article April 9, 2017

Holy Friday/Good Friday

On Good Friday, or Holy Friday as it is known in nearly every non-English-speaking culture, we witness the execution of Jesus, recognize our ongoing  […]

Article April 9, 2017

Easter (Sunrise)

Easter Sunrise is an early morning service built on the framework of the Great Vigil of Easter. It moves from contemplation to celebration.

Article April 9, 2017

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday is the principal Easter Sunday morning service of word and sacrament celebrating the resurrection of Jesus and kicking off the Easter Season  […]