After Epiphany, Week 4 - January 29, 2017


Article January 29, 2017

#Blessed — Order of Worship

A full order of worship for the fourth Sunday after Epiphany, Year A (January 29, 2017). 

Article January 29, 2017

#Blessed — Preaching Notes

As we move into the fourth week of our series, the scene changes. Now that Jesus has called his disciples to follow him, and  […]

Article January 29, 2017

#Blessed — Hymn Suggestions

Lectionary Calendar Planning Notes - Use this grid for hymn suggestions related to each Scripture passage for the Fourth Sunday after Epiphany, Year A.  […]

Article January 29, 2017

#Blessed — Music Notes

Music Notes for the fourth Sunday after Epiphany, Year A (2017). Song selections include: Blessed; Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing; Blest Are They; Cuando  […]

Article January 29, 2017

#Blessed—  Planning Notes

Here in week 4, we’re coming up to a plateau in the series, and we’ll stay here, with the Sermon on  […]

Article January 29, 2017

#Blessed — Additional Resources

Explore additional resources including downloadable graphics, bulletin covers, seasonal and secular resources, and prayers.