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The Innovative Leadership Project is designed for local church teams made up of the pastor, staff, and key laity in the congregation. The seven-month process allows time for the ILP Team to pray and learn together as team members develop effective strategies for the future.

During the ILP, the team attends four ILP Seminars and does weekly assignments that rotate between MyWork (individual readings and assignments) and TeamWork sessions (2-hour team meetings).

The ILP takes participants through four seminars on Values, VAP-IT (a goal setting tool), Discipleship System, and Futurecasting.  Each four-hour experience gives participants ideas and tools tjat they apply to their ministry setting.  During the last seminar on Futurecasting, the team takes the ILP H.O.P.E. Assessment, which reveals a complete picture of the strengths and weaknesses of their ministries.  Follow-up TeamWork sessions are designed to enable the ILP Team to implement creative ideas throughout congregational life.

The ILP gives a church all the resources it needs to equip its leaders and to create an innovative approach to launching new ministries and improving existing ministries. Because the ILP is a self-directed resource, a group of dedicated leaders can work together to discover new opportunities in the  community and create an effective plan for the future.

The ILP can also be used by a conference, district, or cluster to work with multiple churches at the same time.  Participating churches join together for the four ILP Seminars and between the seminars each church engages in its MyWork and TeamWork sessions.

A number of FREE resources are availble below for you to review before registering. Once you have registered for ILP you will be able to access the full Toolkit.

Registration for the Innovative Leadership Project

The cost per church is $249.00 for the Innovative Leadership Project Kit. This gives a church the rights to use the Innovative Leadership Project Tools in all areas of its ministry. Each Church Kit has: Ten copies of the Innovative Leadership Project Guidebook 3.0 Two copies of the Innovative Leadership Project Seminar […]

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Project Toolkit (ILP Resources)

[Please register for ILP to access the full Toolkit.] The ILP Toolkit includes a variety of tools you can use with leadership throughout your congregation. Tools such as Discovering your Spiritual Gifts, Roles of Innovation, Demographics by Walking Around, and the ILP H.O.P.E. Assessment are  […]

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FREE ILP Resources

Explore this selection of FREE resources from the ILP toolkit as you consider using the ILP for your Ministry.

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