Wesleyan Leadership


Presentation December 13, 2017

Wesley Pilgrimage Interactive Map

The Wesley Pilgrimage in England is a powerful leader formation experience open to all United Methodist lay and clergy leaders. Follow a typical pilgrimage  […]

Article April 24, 2017

Book of Romans, Sermon Starters — Week 1

How would you use these texts to revive and renew existing church members? What texts would you use when preaching to pre-Christians and de-churched   […]

Article December 21, 2016

Wesley Pilgrimage Scholarship Application

If you are a commissioned provisional elder or deacon, licensed local pastor, lay servant, lay speaker, lay leader, certified lay minister or serve an  […]

Audio December 6, 2016

PODCAST: Small Groups in the Wesleyan Way

The Small Groups in the Wesleyan Way podcast is where we are all about going beyond curriculum, beyond programs, beyond best practices to recover  […]

Article November 29, 2016

Commentary: Wesley’s view on holding right opinions

Was John Wesley a “fan” of orthodoxy? He certainly was. But it is important to understand what he saw as orthodoxy&rsquo  […]

Article September 24, 2014

Wesley Pilgrimage FAQ

The Wesley Pilgrimage in England IS NOT a heritage tour. We will be travelling to and around England as pilgrims, not tourists. The places  […]

Presentation July 1, 2014

The United Methodist Way (Presentation)

This 20-minute Flash presentation shows how following John Wesley's rules in both doctrine and practice leads to transformed lives and a transformed world.  […]

Article June 30, 2014

The United Methodist Way: Living the Christian Life in Covenant with Christ and One Another

Methodism began as a movement of spiritual renewal within a national church marked by much nominal commitment and spiritual lethargy. Early Methodists adopted a  […]

Article November 21, 2012

Culture of Holiness

Most congregations believe they are open and welcoming places. They strive to be communities that welcome and accept all people. Of course, some do  […]