Common Questions and Objections


Article December 14, 2017

Common Questions and Objections — Covenant Discipleship with Youth

This resource explores answers to frequently asked questions and objections for Covenant Discipleship groups with Youth. 

Article December 13, 2017

Common Covenant Discipleship Questions

Why am I joining a Covenant Discipleship Group? What can I expect to happen in a covenant discipleship group? Why do we  […]

Article December 13, 2017

Common Questions Asked About Children’s Covenant Discipleship Groups

Covenant Discipleship is disciple-shaping process that offers children the opportunity to use their experiences in school, in church, at home, and in the community,  […]

Article December 21, 2016

Everyday Disciples: Confidentiality in Covenant Discipleship with Youth

This piece explores the value and need for confidentiality as a part of covenant discipleship groups with youth, as well as suggestions for actions  […]