Weekday Ministries


Article February 12, 2016

Recommendations for Hiring a Weekday Preschool Ministry Director

Since each weekday preschool ministry program is different, the staffing needs related to the weekday preschool ministry program will also vary. However, there are  […]

Article February 12, 2016

Recommendations for Hiring Nursery Caregivers

The nursery caregiver is committed and willing to support the Christian faith and the vision and mission of The United Methodist Church. Useful  […]

PDF February 19, 2014

Guidelines for Weekday Preschool Ministry Programs in United Methodist Churches 2014-2015

(Appendices included) The purpose of these guidelines is to connect and support Early Childhood programs within the United Methodist Church and to maintain high  […]

Article February 4, 2011

Weekday Preschool Ministry Resource for Creation and Revitalization

Creating and revitalizing weekday preschool ministry programs requires healthy communication, authentic relationship, and a desire to care for children in the way that we  […]

Article October 20, 2009

Sharing Space

What is the answer to the long-asked question of shared space between the weekday preschool ministry and the Christian education staff within the church?