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Article November 1, 2016

Red Bird Mission Summer Youth Day Camp (Beverly, KY)

Red Bird Mission Summer Youth Day Camp is a free six-week program, offered three days a week, for children, ages five to  […]

Article November 1, 2016

CEPALC (Center for Social Communication in Latin America) Media Communications Program, Colombia

The political-military conflict in which children are the main victims led to CEPALC (Center for Social Communication in Latin America) creating  […]

Article November 1, 2016

Raise the Roof Academy, Bwassandeku, Uganda

Giving hope and building a future through education! The mission of Raise the Roof Academy is to “engage groups and individuals  […]

Article November 1, 2016

Go-Up Academy Ntambo Primary School, Democratic Republic of the Congo

The children served by this primary school that is being built in the Ntambo Village in the Democratic Republic of the Congo are from  […]

Article November 1, 2016

Children’s Fund for Christian Mission

 The United Methodist Children's Fund for Christian Mission helps children learn to care for others, develop good giving habits,  build their  […]

Article August 23, 2016

The 2016 National Observance of Children’s Sabbaths® Celebration

The 2016 National Observance of Children’s Sabbaths® Celebration, “Children of Promise: Closing Opportunity Gaps” will focus on closing opportunity gaps  […]

Article June 17, 2016

UMCOR Relief Supply Kits

Webinar May 31, 2016

Connecting with Communities and Schools

John Wesley set the example for us as Methodists as he opened schools for children to learn to read and encouraged the pastors to  […]

Webinar May 5, 2016

Let the Children Give: Raising Generous Children

How are we teaching our children the joy of generosity? Rosanna Anderson is joined by Delia Halverson, author of Let the Children Give:  […]