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PDF April 1, 2013

April 2013 Ministry with Children Newsletter: Modeling the Character of a Methodist

In all that we “speak or do”, it is important to remember that children are learning from us through our words and  […]

PDF January 1, 2013

January 2013 Ministry with Children Newsletter: Guiding the Digital Generation in Christian Context

Our children awaken each morning with the world not at their doorstep, but in their hands.  The time that used to  […]

Article October 19, 2012

Adoption (October 2012)

Over the past several months, the topic of adoption has crossed my path multiple times, bringing me back to the biblical story of Moses’  […]

Article August 15, 2012

Faithful Learning Communities (August 2012)

As we plan for the year, the tenants of our faith should guide our planning and practice, even in our own lives.  Great  […]

Article May 22, 2012

Remember Your Baptism (May 2012)

One way to model what it means to live into our baptism is by sharing the experience of baptism with children and their parents.  […]

Article April 5, 2012

Caring for God’s Earth (April 2012)

We read in Genesis the creation of the earth and its inhabitants, and the gift God gave us of authority over the earth. How  […]

Article August 1, 2011

March 2011: The Digital Child in Christian Community

How many media gadgets do you use in the course of a day? Television, Desktop, Laptop, Smartphone, Mp3, etc… What effect, if any, is  […]