Experiential Faith Formation


Article May 22, 2013

Baby Steps

The goal of Baby Steps is to equip parents and guardians with practical tools to help them engage spiritually with their child in their  […]

PDF January 1, 2013

January 2013 Ministry with Children Newsletter: Guiding the Digital Generation in Christian Context

Our children awaken each morning with the world not at their doorstep, but in their hands.  The time that used to  […]

Article August 15, 2012

Faithful Learning Communities (August 2012)

As we plan for the year, the tenants of our faith should guide our planning and practice, even in our own lives.  Great  […]

Article April 5, 2012

Children’s Brains and the Invasion of Media

For the first time in history, infants and toddlers spend multiple hours exposed to media that did not exist for their parents, or even  […]

Article April 5, 2012

Caring for God’s Earth (April 2012)

We read in Genesis the creation of the earth and its inhabitants, and the gift God gave us of authority over the earth. How  […]