Children's Ministry Basics


Article September 10, 2018

A Prayer for Students and Teachers

This prayer for students and teachers is appropriate for use in worship, devotions, with a leadership team, at committee or council meetings, and at  […]

Article February 20, 2017

Children’s Bibles and Books By Topic

These book and Bible translations have been reviewed by a group of seasoned children's ministers, led by Melanie C. Gordon, Director of Ministry  […]

PDF March 15, 2016

Including Special Needs Children in the Life of the Church

This resource assists teachers and leaders of children in the area of faith formation. You will find this resource helpful as you provide  […]

PDF March 15, 2016

Retaining Servant Team Members

This resource was developed to assist teachers and leaders of children in the area of leadership. You will find this resource useful as you  […]

PDF January 28, 2016

What Every Child Should Experience

What Every Child Should Experience – A Guide for Leaders and Teachers in United Methodist Congregations is a resource developed by Melanie C.  […]

Webinar March 4, 2015

Ministry Milestones

Join us as we discover ways to celebrate the children in our community throughout their entire faith journey.

Article November 8, 2011

A Study of Our Methodist Heritage

The lessons of Our United Methodist History are designed to help preschoolers and elementary aged children learn and celebrate the rich and vibrant history  […]

Article September 28, 2011

Keeping Children Safe

Training an entire congregation in Safe Sanctuaries may seem a daunting task, but it is important that everyone – adults, youth, children, and visitors – know  […]

Article September 22, 2006

Celebrate Life’s “Firsts”

Think about your congregational life. When, within the congregation, do you stop, recognize life's moments (like those mentioned above), hold people in prayer, and  […]