Events & Webinars


Webinar January 23, 2017

Why churches should discuss politics

In this webinar, Rebekah Simon-Peter and Scott Hughes discuss why churches SHOULD discuss politics. They will explore the relationship between theology and politics  […]

Webinar November 1, 2016

Celebrate the Year and Planning Ahead - Ministry Action Plans

This has been an exciting year! How should your leaders evaluate, prepare, pray, and develop ministry action plans for the upcoming year? Focusing  […]

Webinar April 5, 2016

Yes You Can! Examples in Holding Courageous Conversations

Join Scott Hughes as we learn from Rev. Jerad Morey, a United Methodist pastor and Program and Communications Director for the Minnesota Council  […]

Webinar February 15, 2016

A Raw Look at Real Faith in Hard Times

Join us in conversation with the Rev. Dr. Fred Schmidt, author of The Dave Test. The Dave Test is a set of searingly honest  […]

Webinar January 26, 2016

How to Grow as Christians? Planning Adult Discipleship

As a new year starts many adults are looking for new tools to help them grow as disciples. Surveys can be helpful tools to  […]

Webinar January 11, 2016

Courageous Conversations - Introduction webinar

Introducing Courageous Conversations – Some people attack conflict while others run for the hills. Part of discipleship is dealing with complex social issues and  […]

Webinar October 30, 2015

Ministering to and with Emerging Adults

During this webinar we will explore specifics related to emerging adulthood and the unique characteristics regarding emerging adults. While many in this demographic seem  […]

Webinar October 13, 2015

Best Intergenerational Practices

Award winning Christian educator and author on aging, Barbara Bruce, will be on hand to cover latest theories, review print resources, and offer best  […]

Webinar October 13, 2015

Faith at Home

Research indicates that parents have the most influence on their children’s faith formation. Yet many parents feel unequipped to talk with their  […]