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Book December 29, 2009

The Single Mom’s Workplace Survival Guide: A Practical Guide

Most single mothers work outside the home and contribute to the household’s financial well being. However, they still come to single parenting  […]

Book December 29, 2009

The Financial Guide for the Single Parent

Whether man or woman, divorced, widowed or never wed, single parents face unique financial problems. Financial expert Larry Burkett helps you make a budget,  […]

Book December 29, 2009

Save the Date: A Spirituality of Dating, Love, Dinner, and the Divine

In this funny and lighthearted book by twentysomethings Freitas and King, the authors present a positive view of dating, showing young people how dating  […]

Book December 29, 2009

Singles at the Crossroads: A Fresh Perspective on Christian Singleness

Albert Hsu has written a book that provides a truly Christian understanding of singleness--what it means to be single and Christian. He suggests that  […]

Book December 29, 2009

Giving the ministry away: Empowering single adults for effective leadership

Giving the Ministry Away presents a whole new way of doing single adult ministry--one that's based on team ownership rather than the lone ranger  […]

Book December 29, 2009

Baker Handbook of Single Adult Ministry: Practical Advice from 35 Leaders

Baker Handbook of Single Adult Ministry provides a comprehensive reference covering all the major aspects of ministry with single adults, including community service, dating  […]

Article December 4, 2006

Singles and Evangelism

Using the perspective that Jesus was single (and assuming the definition of single means unmarried), we are able to learn by example and see  […]

Article October 19, 2006

Being Black, Christian, and Single

To be a Christian single adult who is a Black American is a three-fold identity. You are Black, you are seeking to follow Christ,  […]

Article October 19, 2006

Change: A Common Factor in Adulthood

Adults today are faced with enormous changes. Some of theose changes are outlined below. One of the roles of the church is to help  […]