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Trained lay and clergy instructors in Liberia, Cote d’Ivoire, Guinea, and Sierra Leone are using “Ebola Disease Facts for Community and Household Health” to help their congregations and communities learn how to prevent the spread of the Ebola virus. New cases of Ebola continue to surface, so more than 40,000 copies of this crucial resource, available in English and French editions, have been distributed to people who do not have access to the booklet on the Internet.

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Ebola Updates

As a partner in eradicating Ebola, we want to keep you up to date with new developments in this ministry.

Ebola Disease Facts updates

(From left to right: Benjamin Ohiaeri, M.D., founder and chief medical director of First Consultants Medical Center in Lagos, Nigeria; E. Julu Swen, Sr.; Ebola survivor Ada Igonoh, MBBS; and Ebola survivor Morris Ibeawuchi, MBBS)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A leader in the fight against Ebola visited Nashville in September 2015 from Liberia. E. Julu Swen, Sr., is the Editor-Publisher-Manager of West African Writers and leader of the United Methodist Church Publishing Team in Liberia. He was involved in the distribution of Ebola Disease Facts, a public health publication written by Dr. Richard Nisbett and produced by Discipleship Ministries, Higher Education & Ministry and Vanderbilt Institute for Global Health. The printed versions were distributed in English and French across West Africa.

In addition to meetings with various United Methodist offices, Swen attended “Ebola Outbreak in Nigeria 2014: A First Hand Report from Survivors and Healthcare Providers” at Vanderbilt University on Sep. 16. After the program, Swen was able to meet with the survivors and discuss his similar experiences regarding Ebola containment.

The partnership between Discipleship Ministries, Higher Education & Ministry and Vanderbilt Institute for Global Health distributes theological, educational and public health materials to seminary students across Africa and the Philippines. The reading materials are stored on electronic readers that are compact and easy to transport for students. The battery life lasts up to three weeks, giving students time to use the e-readers and find means for recharging.

Swen was involved with United Methodist Communications’ Gamechangers Convention, Sep. 17 and 18. After his time in Nashville, he attended LittWorld, an event for global Christian publishing, in Singapore.