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13 Apr

Beyond Retirement: How Retirees Make the Best Evangelists (webinar)

Guide to Training Older Adults to Witness to their faith


DATE: Friday, April 13, 2018
DURATION: 120 min
PRESENTER: Will Randolph

Google Baby Boomer Evangelism and you will find a dearth of listings, because the church has largely forgotten this virtually untapped army of volunteers who have time, experience, and passion for evangelism because it gives them purpose and meaning in life. Why? Because many of our retired and retiring adults have never been trained in “Relationship Evangelism” Techniques and is often focused upon young adult evangelism. This webinar specifically focuses upon how to recruit, train, and develop not only your retirees to help in your Disciplemaking efforts, but how to best use retirees strategically to improve their impact and performance in outreach ministry of the church. This webinar features not only recruitment and training resources, but focuses upon the stories of 5 real life Retirees who have been very successful in sharing their faith and relationship with Jesus Christ with others.

2 hours