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Writing Workshops

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DRI has developed a series of Writing Workshops that you can lead in your local context. The workshops are listed in a logical progression but you can pick and choose which workshops are most needed in your area and lead them in any order.

Workshop 1 — What Are You Called to Write?

Use this introductory workshop as a time set apart for you to focus on your own passion for writing and sharing the Good News.

DOWNLOAD the "What Are You Called to Write?" script [.docx]

DOWNLOAD the "What Are You Called to Write?" presentation [.pptx]

BAIXAR o “Você foi chamado para escrever o que?” script [.docx]

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Workshop 2 — Devotional Writing 

Devotional writing is capturing and sharing our personal testimonies and faith stories in a way that invites others to draw closer to God.

DOWNLOAD the "Devotional Writing" script [.docx]

DOWNLOAD the "Devotional" presentation [.pptx]

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Workshop 3 — Writing for the Local Church 

What resources would bless, encourage, or serve the local church?

DOWNLOAD the "Writing for the Local Church" script [.docx]

DOWNLOAD the "Writing for the Local Church" presentation [.pptx]

BAIXAR o “Escrevendo para uma Igreja Local” script [.docx]

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Workshop 4 — Brainstorming and Beginning to Write

Stick to a process. Make time and place for writing. Finish the project.

DOWNLOAD the "Brainstorming and Beginning" presentation [.pptx]

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Workshop 5 — Two Kinds of Editing

We use different tools while writing and editing. Are you looking at the whole of the piece, or editing paragraph by paragraph?

DOWNLOAD the "Two Kinds of Editing" presentation [.pptx]

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Workshop 6 — Preparing for Publication 

You pressed on and reached the prize…you have a completed manuscript…. Now what? 

DOWNLOAD the "Preparing for Publication" script [.docx]

DOWNLOAD the "Preparing for Publication" presentation [.pptx]

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Upper Room Writing Manual

DOWNLOAD the Manual for Leading Devotional Writing Workshops [PDF]