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Tanzania Publishing Team

Tanzania Publishing Team

Tanzania — North Katanga Episcopal Area
Bishop Ntambo Nkulu Ntanda
Rev. Mutwale Ntambo wa Mushidi, Assistant to the Bishop of North Katanga for Tanzania
2013 – present

Team Leader: Rev. Upendo Likondi
Project Coordinator: Rev. Alfred Njau

Resources Produced

  • Bibles, purchased and sold, 4 types
  • Book of Worship with official United Methodist liturgies (Swahili)
  • Catechism (Swahili)
  • Book of Prayer (Swahili)
  • Adult Sunday School material (Swahili)
  • UM Way of Worship seminar booklet
  • UM Way of Being in Connection seminar booklet
  • Nifuate, training manual for youth

Tanzania Annual Conference is a new United Methodist area that operates under the oversight of Bishop Ntambo of North Katanga. The Tanzania Publishing Team began in February 2013 with a planning meeting in Taribe, Tanzania, hosted by Rev. Mtwali, Assistant to the Bishop of North Katanga, and Eric Soard, GBGM missionary. The resources above reflect the priorities of its first publishing plan.

In 2014, among several first year projects, the team produced the first Swahili translation of official United Methodist services of worship. The team also launched the UM Way Seminars series, holding them in conjunction with annual conference sessions. Taylor Burton-Edwards taught the UM Way of Worship in 2014. In 2015, Rev. N’day Bondo of Africa University taught the UM Way of Being In Connection. The third seminar, the UW Way of Making Disciples, remains to be planned.

In 2015, the team sponsored a writing seminar to encourage the development of local writers and indigenous content. DRI staff Kara Oliver and Jennifer Youngman led the writing training.

In 2016, local leadership will host a Writer’s Workshop and anticipate the publication of A Catechism for the UMC and a book on basic prayers for new believers that will be sold within and outside the UMC, as well as Sunday School curriculum for children and youth.

In 2017, the team will support the opening of Wesley College with the E-readers for Theological Education e-library.


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