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South Mozambique Publishing Team

South Mozambique Publishing Team

South Mozambique Annual Conference
Bishop Joaquina Filipe Nhanala
2011 - Present

Team Leader: Rev. Olga Ochoto
Team Coordinator: Rev. Sefula

Resources Produced

  • Book of Liturgy
  • O Catecismo Junior (Portuguese and Xitswa)
  • Youth and children manuals
  • Pastoral counseling and Sunday School
  • Tisimu ta Ivangeli (hymnals in Xitsua and Portuguese)
  • Certificates for Christian Marriage, Baptism, and Confirmation
  • Life of the Bishops brochures
  • Easter booklet

The Mozambique initiative started in 2011 with a joint 3-day meeting of select leaders from Mozambique North and Mozambique South. Everyone participated in a 2-day writing seminar, to engender interest, and a 1-day planning session for the launch of the South Mozambique Publishing Team and the North Mozambique Publishing Teams. Thereafter, the publishing teams have functioned separately on behalf of their respective conferences. 

South Mozambique Publishing Team has produced several high quality publications and has offered additional writing workshops.

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