Discipleship Resources International

North Mozambique Publishing Team

North Mozambique Annual Conference
Bishop Joaquina Filipe Nhanala
2011 - Present

Team Leader: Pastor Eurico Gustavo

Resources Produced

  • Transformador (Portuguese)
  • Liturgies (Portuguese)
  • Articles for Christmas and Thanksgiving (Xitswa)
  • Booklets on membership and funerals (Xitswa)


Our vision is to make the publication team in the North Mozambique Annual Conference strong and powerful so that it can stand on its own in the coming years. We are working hard to produce resources with a good quality at a reasonable price and to sell them at a price that is affordable for the people.

As Christians we were commanded by our savior Jesus Christ to go and spread the good news throughout the world. So we see ourselves being called to spread this good news through the articles we have been producing, for they all merge to the same point — “calling people to be disciple of Christ Jesus.”

Among all, the main benefits we have seen in the conference from the resources we have produced is that the poor people “those who were not able to buy or to get the articles of the church,” are now able to do so. The members have something to read after church service and it makes them to be closer to God.

The big challenge we are facing is our ability to meet with the team when we call for meeting due to the occupation of some team members. Consequently, we do not afford to produce the articles at the expected time. Sometimes two or three members of the team do the work on behalf of others so that we can accomplish with the year plan.

Well, folks can pray with us at any time as long as they let us know the time and the date that they are going to pray for us. I do have Skype in the office, so sometimes we can do it together. However, it’s not all who have such technology and the time zone can also be a barrier for us. Anyway, folks can pray for us at any time—just let us know so that we can prepare ourselves too.

by the Eurico Gustavo, Publishing Team Coordinator

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