Discipleship Resources International

North Katanga Publishing Team

North Katanga Episcopal Area Publishing Team

North Katanga Episcopal Area
Bishop Ntambo Nkulu Ntanda
2014 - Present

Team Leader: Rev. Dr. Kimba Evariste
Team Coordinator: Rev. Martin Wakubatwa
Treasurer: Kasongo Carine Kumwimba

Resources Produced

  • Bibles, Swahili and Kiluba
  • Liturgy for UM services of worship
  • Registration book/forms
  • History of UMC, North Katanga
  • “Matunda” Journal
  • Worship Songs on DVD and CD

The North Katanga Publishing Team started with a January 2014 gathering in Kamina of select leaders to consider the restoration of capacity for resource development in North Katanga through a publishing partnership with DRI/Discipleship Ministries. A two-day meeting resulted in an ambitious publishing plan, choice of leaders, treasurer, team members and work teams by resource. 

In 2015, the team reported all plans accomplished, all resource sold, and some resources reprinted and sold again, with one exception: worship songs. The team generated significant revenue to offset expenses. 

Encouraged by its success in year one, the team presented a bold and creative plan to become financially sustainable: to devote all GBOD subsidy for 2015 as investment in the development of CD and DVD of worship songs by the famous Kamina Choir, thereby generating more than enough net income to fund the publishing team for the next two years. We decided to share the risk— DRI and publishing team. With DRI's investment, the Kamina Choir traveled several days to Lubumbashi to record the music and the DRI team worked with a US company to produce the CDs and DVDs which Kimba and others hauled back in suitcases. Sales are going well at this point. 

While the financial result of this project is still to be seen, the value for evangelism is already playing out. In the meantime, the publishing team continues to reproduce and sell church resources based on its original plan.