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Malawi Publishing Team

Malawi Publishing Team

Malawi Provisional Conference
Bishop Eben Nhiwatiwa
2009 - Present

Team Leader: John Nyadaufe
Team Coordinator: Noel Kumwenda

Resources Produced

  • Conference Brochure (English and Chichewa)
  • Hymn Book (Chichewa)
  • Christian Faith Sharing (English and Chichewa)
  • Quarterly Conference Newsletter (English, Chichewa, Tumbuka)
  • Translated Prayers for Encouragement (Chichewa)
  • Youth Lenten Devotional (English, Chichewa)
  • Conference Magazine (English)


The Malawi Publications team began in 2009, with a committed group of clergy and lay people meeting weekly to identify the most critical needs of this new and growing Provisional Conference of The United Methodist Church.

Now, nearly four years later, the team has produced necessary church supplies like, Baptism

Certificates and tithe cards. And they published the first hymn book for the Malawi UMC.

Next, they struggled to find a way to meet the many needs of the church - Bible study, communication to pastors and clergy, and evangelism. In 2010 they published their first quarterly newsletter that meets all of these needs in one small, low cost publication.

Two years later they celebrate the success of this publication – they have met the deadlines for each quarter, received new members because of pastors sharing the newsletter in their communities, use the articles on Christian education and faithful living in Sunday School and UMW meetings, and communicate information and inspiration from the conference superintendent and other leaders.

One of the biggest challenges in Malawi is financial support of this important ministry. The

newsletter is vital, but it is distributed for free. The hymn books and Christian Faith Sharing

raise money, but the small membership of the church cannot buy enough resources to fund a self-sustaining publishing system. The leadership of the team is always seeking greater capacity building, seeking new skilled members for the team, meeting quarterly, and thinking creatively to meet this and other challenges.

We are united in our vision of creating a culture of reading and writing in the United Methodist Church around the world. Please be in prayer for your brothers and sisters in Christ in Malawi.