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God is doing a new thing through our work with the Central Conferences

6 years ago, our African Central Conferences possessed no publishing capacity to produce Wesleyan resources to support core ministries. In the Philippines, publishing capacity had become severely constrained.
Today, 14 publishing teams serve these CC-s, including Bulgaria and Romania, and are responsible for a flow of resources that didn’t exist before.

6 years ago, there was no means by which our UM scholars and leaders in Africa could write for the church and theological education, be published, contribute their research, be in the global conversation.
Today, the Africa Ministry Series features 11 titles by Africans produced and available in Africa, in English, French and Portuguese; plus 2 more titles near completion authored by African clergywomen from Nigeria and Zimbabwe.

6 years ago, training in the church for writers and resource developers was happening nowhere in Africa and sporadically in the Philippines.
Today, such Training has become available and even annual in some places, through our partnership with publishing teams and seminaries.

Until 3 years ago, our conferences in parts of Africa awash with people coming from diverse religious backgrounds had no replicable teaching modules for grounding leaders in a Methodist vision of ministry—apart from the Course of Study sporadically offered.
Today, the “UM Way Seminar Series”, initially developed with the Congolese, provides that: for knowing and teaching the UM Way of Making Disciples, of Worship, of Being Connnectional; thus far, it’s been replicated across Central Congo, East Congo, and Tanzania, with more areas expressing the need.

As recently as 3 years ago, our seminaries in Africa could not imagine having access to books and library resources most of us would consider essential to education of a UM pastor. The situation in the Philippines, though less dire, was and is similar, depending on the seminary.
In 2013, the impossible became possible beginning with GST in Liberia.
As of today, ¾ our seminaries are equipped with the e-reader theological libraries. By the end of 2016, all our seminaries will have basic access to books for theological education.

God is doing a new thing through our work with the Central Conferences. 

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