Discipleship Resources International

East Congo Publishing Team

East Congo Episcopal Area Publishing Team

East Congo Episcopal Area
Bishop Gabriel Unda Yemba
2014 – present

Team Leader: Rev. Benoît Mahamudi Ngereza (through 2015)
Team Coordinator: Rev. Antoine Otoka Kepele (through 2015)

Resources Produced

  • Bibles, Swahili and French
  • Liturgy of the UMC services of worship - Swahili, French
  • Songbook - Swahili, Lingala, French
  • UM Calendars for East Congo
  • Catechism
  • Christian literature, small booklets
  • UM Way Seminar booklet
  • Two motor bikes for distribution to far reaching areas

The East Congo Publishing Team began in January 2014, soon after the inauguration of the new East Congo Episcopal Area, with a meeting of area leaders and DRI/Discipleship Ministries. Top priorities are Bibles (Kiswahili, French), Hymnbooks (Swahili, Lingala and French), Liturgy (Swahili, Lingala and French), Christian discipleship literature, and The Book of Discipline in French. In year one, the team proved to be quite productive both in the development of planned projects and in sales.  

In 2015, the publishing team pressed on with the same priorities and took initiative to increase its productivity by investing in the purchase of two motorbikes for widen distribution in this vast area. 

In 2014-2015, the publishing team also planned and replicated the UM Way Seminars for pastors and lay leaders that were first developed and taught across in Central Congo, 2011-2014. The initial “training seminar” took place in August 2014 in Kindu for a gathering of key clergy and lay leaders. In 2015, publishing team leaders took and taught the UM Way Seminar, together with UM Way booklets, to the other annual conferences of that episcopal area. 

In November 2015, publishing team leader Rev Antoine Otoka, together with Pierre Omadjela (Communications Director of Central Congo), acted on behalf of DRI to plant the E-readers for Theological Education library for the theology school of Kindu Methodist University.    

In 2016, publishing team will receive new leaders, still to be selected.

East Congo publishing is carrying out its ministry in the face of great challenges: vast distances without good roads, extreme poverty, low rates of literacy. In addition, the area continues to suffer from the effects of rebel activity that destroyed social and church infrastructure over the last twenty years. And yet, the team has carried out its work with remarkable resilience and hopefulness, reflecting the glory of the Lord throughout the area.