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Training & Education

Director of Publishing Initiatives for DRI Kara Lassen Oliver shares the importance of encouraging Christian writers.  Video courtesy of Media Associates International (MAI) - www.littworld.org


Raising your skill level

Training notes and links are available here for team leaders and teams concerning the critical areas of publishing know-how. Training opportunities are also offered now and then, and will be featured here on this site.

Training will revolve around the four primary areas of publishing: editorial, production, marketing/distribution, and finances. 

Learning from MAI — International Christian Publishing

The UMC is not alone is addressing this resourcing challenge. Church bodies throughout Africa, Asia, Latin America, eastern Europe and Russia wrestle with the very real challenges of building Christian publishing ministries that are financially sustainable. Media Associates International (MAI), a worldwide association of such Christian publishers, is a rich resource that allows our teams to tap into knowledge, networks, and training opportunities for Christian writing and publishing around the world.

Writing Workshops

DRI has developed a series of Writing Workshops that you can lead in your local context. The workshops are listed in a logical progression but you can pick and choose which workshops are most needed in your area and lead them in any order. Workshop 1 — What Are You Called […]

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