Discipleship Resources International

Central Congo Publishing Team

Central Congo Conference Publishing Team

Central Congo Episcopal Area
Bishop David Yemba
2011 - Present

Team Leader: Rev. John Mutej Ditend
Publishing Coordinator: Emile Odimba Kalema

Resources Produced

  • Lingala Songbooks
  • UMC Calendars for Central Congo
  • Catechism booklets
  • UM Way Seminar booklets
  • General Services of UM Worship booklet
  • History of the UMC and of the Central Congo Area booklet
  • Church Planting booklet
  • UM Way Seminars on the UM Way of Making Disciples, the UM Way of Worship, and the UM Way of Being in Connection

The Central Congo publishing team began with a meeting in 2011 in Kinshasa between several UM leaders appointed by Bishop Yemba and Rev. Stephen Bryant of DRI/GBOD. The group reviewed the church’s situation concerning resources for ministry, learning and leader development. Based on the need for a framework for resource development, the group decided to start by collaborating in the development of a prototype for leader development and to build a publishing program around the resulting model. 

In 2011, Taylor Burton-Edwards (Director, Worship Resources) and Stephen Bryant (DRI/Discipleship Ministries) offered a 4-day experimental seminar to present an approach to three seminars: the UM Way of Making Disciples the UM Way of Worship, and the UM Way of Being in Connection. In 2012-13, after evaluation and some contextualization of the prototype, the publishing team sponsored three 4-day seminars, one on each of the themes, to a larger group of clergy-lay leader teams from Kinshasa area congregations over the course of 15 months. 

After each seminar, the new and emerging publishing team met to evaluated, to plan a booklet to support each seminar, and to form and build a 3-year publishing business plan based on the resource categories reflected in the UM seminars. 

In 2014-2015, Rev. Jonathon Mutej Ditend, Rev. Kamana and others replicated the UM Way seminars in four annual conferences of the Central Congo Episcopal Area.

In February 2016, the publishing team sponsored a fourth seminar on Church Planting, featuring presentations by Taylor Burton-Edwards based on Discipleship Ministries Path1 (New Church Starts) knowledge from the USA and by Rev. Kamana and others based on insights in Central Congo. As a result of that exchange, the publishing team is working with Rev. Kamana to enhance, rewrite and re-distribute his book on developing new churches across Central Congo conferences, in conjunction with a Church Planting seminar. 

In March 2016, the Central Congo publishing team gave assistance to development of the E-reader libraries at the theology school in Wembo-Nyama and pastor training school in Diengenga.