Discipleship Resources International

Bulgaria-Romania Publishing Team

Bulgaria-Romania Provisional Annual Conference
Bishop Patrick Streiff of the Central Southern European Episcopal Area and Central Conference
Dr. Daniel Topalski, Superintendent for Bulgaria-Romania Annual Conference
2013 – present

Team Leader: Daniel Topalski
Publishing Coordinator: Nina Topalski, Bulgaria
Publishing Coordinator: Christien Istrate, Romania

Resources Produced or In Process

  • John Wesley, a small biography for publication in Romania, in-process
  • Duchovna Manna (Spiritual Manna), Bulgarian edition of The Upper Room, editor Nina Topalski

The Bulgaria/Romania Publishing Team launched in November 2013 with a request from Rev. Topalski and a weeklong visit from Stephen Bryant of DRI to collaborate in the development of a publishing plan. The team projected the development of several resources in each of the following categories: United Methodist identity building, discipleship formation, evangelism, and other special interests. Rev. Topalski is collaborating with the Nazareens of Bulgaria to introduce Wesley texts in Bulgarian, including “A Plain Account on Christian Perfection” with Anna Marinova, as well as other texts such as “Wholeness in Christ” (Greathouse). 

Rev. Christien Istrate, leader of the UMC seed in Romania, participated in the LittWorld Publishing Conference with DRI team leaders. He is actively pursuing the right to translate and publish of a small biography of John Wesley to introduce Wesley to the Romanian people. 

Nina Topalski, to whom Daniel is married, serves as editor of Duchovna Manna, the Bulgarian edition of The Upper Room, which started in 1993.