Discipleship Resources International

Become a Partner

DRI assists motivated leaders in Central Conferences with exploring their assets, challenges, and options for addressing their resource challenges in a sustainable way.

When invited and where the need is compelling, DRI will enter into partnership with a sponsoring body (at the Conference, Area, or CC level) to help form and guide a DRI-related publishing team. The local publishing team is then responsible for creating and carrying out a sustainable publishing program on behalf of the church in their area.   

DRI adds capacity to local teams by offering direction, training, resources, seed money, ongoing support, meditation with vendors and other publishers when called for, and participation in a global resource-sharing network.

DRI's goal is to share resources among it's parters and affiliates.  To become a Partner, use the Contact page and send us your Information, including your organization name, contact information and an email address.  We will contact you with further information about joining DRI.