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Discipleship Resources International — The Mission

For the most part, United Methodist churches in North America and Western Europe enjoy access in varying degrees to an abundance of quality resources for Christian learning. Not so in most Central Conferences where, ironically, our churches are growing most rapidly in numbers.  One African leader put the dilemma this way:

"We are growing wide but not deep for lack learning with the help of UM resources. Up until now, the Christian resources our people found to read were more likely to be Seventh-Day Adventists, Jehovah Witnesses, or Baptist at best, than Methodist or Wesleyan in outlook and balance." 

Pastoral leaders find themselves asking: "What does it mean to live and to lead as a United Methodist Christian? How are we to fulfill the UM mission and form people as Methodists without Methodist resources?"

Accessing the resource portal

The website is open to anyone who wants to survey the contents and learn more about DRI.  Access to the resource files in the portal, however, requires password permission.  Upon entering into a partnership with DRI, new publishing teams receive password permission to access the files and make use of them within reasonable conditions.  DRI teams are permitted not only to download from the portal, but also agree to contribute the resources they develop that we agree may enrich the pool for everyone.  For more information, click Resources, About the Resources, or Search. 


DRI wants to help leaders in as many Central Conferences as possible to expand their access to the key resources for learning and leading in the church.  The intent is not to provide the resources for Central Conferences; that would be infinitely unaffordable and disempowering.  The intent is to assist Central Conferences leaders committed to create the internal means by which to make the resources they need more available, affordable and appropriate to the churches in their contexts.


Where invited and when called for, DRI works hand-in-hand with leaders in Central Conferences (at Conference, Episcopal Area, or Central Conference levels) to form, equip, and seed publishing teams. Those publishing teams then lead small-scale publishing operations in service to the church's mission in their areas.

DRI adds capacity to local teams in a variety of ways that are unique to each situation. Those include direction in building publishing plans, team training, a pool of content resources from which to draw and adapt, seed money, ongoing support and consultation, mediation with vendors and publishers, and access to a global resource-sharing network of partners on the same journey toward sustainable church publishing.

DRI Connection

DRI links a growing number of publishing teams and related Christian publishing initiatives in various parts of the world.  Through the DRI connection, DRI publishing teams in Central Conferences accross a continent or around the world enjoy the benefits that come from resource sharing and peer learning with one another.