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Young People's Ministries Innovation Lab

10 2020 innovation lab promo

You've already been trying your hand at innovation these past months, now is a great time to learn something new and apply it to the years ahead. This innovation lab will give you tools for coming up with effective new ideas to minister to the youth and their families in and around your congregation.

Give three hours of your time to connect with the staff of Young People's Ministries, along with facilitator Sam Halverson, to learn about an innovation process that you can repeat and replicate in your church, helping you break into new ways of creating ministry! With a focus on youth ministry, we will explore an innovation process together, link you with resources to support your vision, and help you dream and work towards refreshing ministry in the years to come.

Register ahead of time at bit.ly/YPMUMCInnovationLab.


1. Introduction

2. Why innovation is essential - especially in our context today

3. Tools for innovation:

  • Immerse: Discovery of areas of opportunity through empathy and feedback
  • Expand: Throwing off constraints. Think big and dream
  • Design: Come up with a prototype to be tested and refined so ideas evolve.
  • Act: Work on a pitch to bring a team onboard