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‘Plant Like Jesus’ Author Interview

Plant like jesus book cover

Upper Room Books will publish a compilation of sixty daily meditations for church planters. Coming in February 2021, Plant Like Jesus: The Church Planter’s Devotional by Ben Ingebretson, offers daily readings that will help root a new faith community or a new ministry in the practices of Jesus. The book is part of Path 1’s series on Wesleyan church planting resources.

Ingebretson serves the Dakotas and Minnesota annual conferences as area director for new church development. He brings to this position experience as a church planter in Michigan. The readings in his book touch on themes and issues that are relevant to anyone who has attempted to start a new ministry or new faith community. Ingebretson draws upon biblical wisdom to provide insight into the challenges of starting a new faith community.

Plant Like Jesus: The Church Planter’s Devotional is ideal for daily practice of prayer. It may also be used by a team of people working together to plant a new church or new ministry. As a group study, the questions for reflection will help build a solid basis for planting.

On Tuesday, February 9 at 10 a.m. CST, Path 1 will broadcast an interview with Ingebretson about his book. We invite readers to register for the free Zoom webinar here.