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Discipleship Among Immigrants and Diaspora Communities

Global Discipleship Session2

Discipleship Among Immigrants and Diaspora Communities: Wholistic Praxis in Doing Mission Among Overseas Filipino Migrants in the Middle East

DATE: Wednesday, June 22
8:30-10 a.m. CDT
Rev. Jonavern P. Lungub

More than eleven million Filipinos have left the Philippines to work abroad temporarily or permanently. Among them are United Methodists who brought their faith with them and founded worshiping congregations in many places, including the Middle East. Rev. Jonavern P. Lungub will share the story of United Methodists in the Middle East (particularly the United Arab Emirates) coming together to celebrate their faith and reach out to others.

Rev. Lungub will articulate a holistic framework for equipping United Methodists in UAE by framing the Great Commission using a diaspora missiology that is sensitive to the Islamic culture and religion of the country, and at the same time responding to the issues and realities of overseas Filipino workers living in the Arabian Peninsula.

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About Rev. Jonavern P. Lungub

Rev. Jonavern Pascual Lungub is an ordained elder from the Philippines Annual Conference. He has a Master of Divinity from Union Theological Seminary, Cavite, Philippines (2010), and a Master of Theological Studies from United Theological Seminary, Ohio, USA (2016).

He is finishing his Doctor of Ministry program at Boston University while doing his ethnographic research on overseas Filipino workers in the Arabian Gulf. Recently, he served as the administrative pastor of Abu Dhabi United Methodist Church in the United Arab Emirates for three years. He also served as a supervising elder of The United Methodist Church in the Middle East Provisional District for one year.