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2021 AACLL Annual Meeting

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Online registration for the 2021 AACLL Annual Gathering/Zoom meeting is open

2021 AACLL Annual Meeting
Rise Up! and Revive God's Gift (II Timothy 1:3-7)
The Association of Annual Conference Lay Leaders

February 27, 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Central Standard Time
Discipleship Ministries Zoom Gathering

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Rev michelle ledder
Rev. Michelle Ledder

Our time together will include a presentation on the role of lay leadership in The United Methodist Church for a time such as this. Our keynote speaker, the Rev. Michelle Ledder from the General Commission on Religion and Race (GCORR), will lead us in a learning session entitled, “Lay Leaders Rise Up: Doing Ministry by Doing the Work of Anti-Racism.” It will also include video greetings from Bishop James Edward Swanson, Sr. (Mississippi Annual Conference) and Bishop Elaine JW Stanovsky (Greater Northwest Episcopal Area).

Thank you to all who have registered so far. A reminder for those who have not made it to the registration portal yet that registration is open until Friday, February 26, 2021. The registration cost is $10 for AACLL members and other participants.

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Keynote Address Description: It has never been enough to simply “not be racist.” The challenges of our present day make it explicitly clear that all Christians must also be anti-racist. But what does that mean for Lay Leaders seeking to be faithful in ministry, relational with community, and honest about the realities of the work necessary to resist racism in ways that actually make a difference? During this participatory keynote, each attendee will be exposed to three key “big ideas” of anti-racism, have the chance to internalize them (work with them so they become part of your knowledge base – not what the GCORR speaker said that day), and have (at least) three practical anti-racism tools to use as soon as lay leaders click “leave meeting.”