The New Youth Boom - Pt. 2: Screens

By Craig Kennet Miller

# Of Tablets Sold # Of Smartphones Sold

2010 – 19 million 2010 – 296 million

2018 – 180 million 2018 – 1.5 billion

Today’s children and teenagers live in two worlds. The real world where a parent reminds them to brush their teeth and do their homework and the digital world that connects them to an information-rich always-on culture that can both expand their possibilities or limit their perspectives.

While parents hope they still have an influence on their children, the number of screens is exploding with young people having access to multiple screens via tablets, smartphones, laptops, and smart TVs. Even schools have joined the digital revolution with many replacing textbooks with online sites. The question for all of us, both young and old alike is this, “How are our screens shaping our futures?”

Join Chris Wilterdink and Craig Kennet Miller as they continue their series on The New Youth Boom: Screens. In this “The Future Of…Podcast” they invite listeners to think about the implications of screen time and how it is shaping the minds and the faith of our youngest group, Generation Z, those born since 2000.

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Explore the implications of a new youth boom first seen in the youth protests against gun violence.

The one discovery that most resonated with me was this We are in the midst of a great experiment. No one knows how the use of techgear and digital media is affecting the mental and social development of iKids. Craig Kennet Miller, iKids Parenting in the Digital Age, p. 13